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Grateful for... Free Thanksgiving Place Settings!

I have been wanting to give you guys a freebie for awhile now but I wasn't sure what would be a universal design or product that would suit many people all at once. So, I've decided that this year I would share the Thanksgiving Place Settings that I made for my Friendsgiving as a free download! These Thanksgiving Place Settings are the perfect, easy way to add a little something special to your table this year.

Below are simple instructions on how to pull it all together, & here is the link to download:


What You'll Need:

- Access to a color printer

- Paper (thicker works best, cardstock is preferable)

- Scissors

- Pen or Marker

STEP 1 : print the paper

You can print this at home or on any color printer. Thicker paper such as cardstock paper works best and stands up more solidly when folded,

STEP 2 : cut the paper

Cut right along the brown border for best results.

STEP 3: write your guests names

Under where it says "Grateful to share this meal with" write your guests names.

STEP 4 : fold the paper

I have included a "fold here" sign, fold along that line for a perfect alignment.

STEP 5 : smooth the edges

Everyone likes a smooth edge. Simply glide the edge of your marker along the fold line to solidify the crease.

STEP 6 : set the table