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As an artist, one of my main goals is to spread happiness through my work, and there is no better way to accomplish this than through custom drawings. Whether you have a subject you want to be drawn for yourself or if you are planning on giving it as a gift, custom art can bring joy and meaning to any space.


The easiest way to request a custom print is by sending a note to the email below, I look forward to hearing your ideas! 

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Send an email to or fill out the contact form below to request more information and current pricing. 
Custom Pet Portrait gift cards are also available for purchase. 

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Thanks for submitting!

Check out the Photo Gallery: 

Sarah Hiers Design Willow Before and Aft
Boston Terrier 8x10
cooper 2 jpeg
Barley mouth open
cleo chloe cat
Cooper zen
Carmen flower pot 8x10
snuggle wagon king charles
Tom Houpt Dog Portrait
Barley mouth closed
Nicole Larson Custom 2
Tessie small dog
corgi 1
corgi 2
black pomeranian
Custom pet requests - Drawing 1
Custom pet requests - Drawing 1
Custom pet requests - Drawing 2
Darla NON medical 24x36
Towel Dog Custom Sarah Hiers Design
Yellow Lab Etsy Custom Request 8x10
Rat Terrier
border collie 8x10
Shaggy white dog beth
Babs 8x10
Izzy 8x10
Yellow Lab 8x10
springer spaniel chloe 8x10 with grass
Pug edited
Parrot 8x10
Jessies Cat 8x10
cat vector oiriginal
Corgi 8x10
Brown Cat 8x10
Black Lab
Bassett Hound 8x10
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